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Funny Story of Bolot: Accusing Others of Bolot
Ateng: Where did Wei bolot, lue?
Bolot: Bolot ... miss ... my name is Sulaeman to know !! I have eaten. So what?
Ateng: Basic bolot ... asked where the answer is already eating. Crazy!
Bolot: I told you ... Don't call bolot. I am an important person. It's busy from helping the RT who wants to move the house.
Ateng: If the word bolot is connected. But if in other words mahakaga ...
Bolot: Hey, yeah ... I don't know bolot !! Just what do you understand me !!
So buy a hearing aid! So that you are cool !!

Funny Story Bolot and Malih
Malih: Lot ... this afternoon I have EVENTS ??
Bolot: Yes, my dream was when I was young I wanted to be an ATTORNEY, not a comedian like Li now ... What do you want to ask ??? Very interesting attention ...
Malih: (still patient) I asked you to have an EVENT this afternoon ... Don't ask me to be a lawyer ... Read geu's lips ... A C A R A ... show ... !!
Bolot: Ohhhhh ... I told you what you want from now on if you want to ask 'ARCA .. The statue is a statue of Li, which is usually in temple temples ... It's not like today, what's the ARCA tuch ?? Again filling TTS huh ??
Malih: Waduuhh ... I'm tired of talking to you !! Ni, the afternoon, there is a tip station inviting us, Lot, to make fun of the show ... !!
Bolot: Ntah, it seems like I can ...
Mali: Well, just connect dach ...
Bolot: Iye, I can't accompany you to the temple this afternoon to see ARCA, right after that I hear you get a job from the station, a tip for EVENTS ... How come I still want to go on a picnic ... It's strange too ...
Mali: (slepetin bolot) I also said that from Lott ... !!
Bolot: Bussyyeett ... what do you want to do with me ?? !!! Really, right, if I got a job, it must be a responsibility ... First design the contract, don't take a picnic, think about it ... Then, when it's finished, you go for a picnic ... Don't do it ... ?? I give it too ... !!
Malih: (crying scary) Damn dachh ... !! For more than 40 years, I have agreed with you to bring it, I just want to bribe my ear ... !! sob ,, sob ,, sob ..
Bolot: Patience, patience, Li, use 'cry like that ... Cup..cup .. Okay, okay, I'm promising that when it comes to the typing station, I'm going to send you messages to the temple to see ARCA ... ok. ?? (diminin eyes)
Bolot: So that's it, laugh ... Don't be sad anymore ... ??
Malih: Nosy BUDEKKK ... don't laugh ... !!
Bolot: Yes ... yes ... I'll go along while I buy 'elell BODREX ...
Malih:! @ # $% ^ & * () _ + !! (step back)

Funny Bolot Story: Conversation with Wife
Wife: Sir, wake up ... it's already noon. Do you go to work or not?
Bolot: (males-malesan) Um ... yeah. Sleeping too bad isn't good. Don't need to be told. Ni is also snoring ...
Wife: Ye ... who told you to sleep? I want to tell you, coffee and breakfast are ready ...
Bolot: (Get up right away) Huh? Where?
Wife: Basically, bro ... It's just a matter of food, right away conect ..
Bolot: Hehehe ... isn't it usually you have eaten food directly ...
Wife: Conect, sir ... It means connecting, not kenek.
Bolot: Oh ... it's okay. Already 10 years before you become a kenek, you never get bloated ...
Wife: Ouch ... !! Sir, yes, if you are invited to say the answer is like Jaka, bring a machete.
Bolot: Ah, you can do this mom. Father is old.
Wife: Ealah ... Who said you were young and handsome?
Bolot: Just now there was someone who said if you were like Jaka Sembung, bring a machete. Handsome right? Similar to Barry Prima.
Wife: Huh ?! (take the machete want to circumcise the Bolot)

Funny Bolot Story: Conversation with Neighbors
Neighbors: Where are you going, sir?
Bolot: Just from home.
Neighbors: From home chant young huh?
Bolot: How come, how come I know if I have young chants? Who said that?
Neighbors: Just kidding, sir. Do you really have a young wife?
Bolot: Heheheh ... If I still have lots of little girls who have a crush on. Really, are there any people who are hooked? Wkwkwk ... Kec ... lo ...
Neighbors: About girls just connect really. Use it again ... Asem !! (grumbling while moving away)

Funny Bolot Story: Conversation with Insurance Salesmen
Sales: Sorry sir, interrupt for a while. Introduce me Malih from XYZ Insurance.
Bolot: Thank you ... you really care. I just can't remember if it's my birthday.
Sales: So now is your birthday again? Wow, what a coincidence. The insurance that I offer seems right. Here is the brochure, please look first.
Bolot: Wow, there's no need to bother giving everything.
Sales: No problem, sir. All our customers will get attractive prizes. If you open a premium today, you can gift your umbrella and beautiful plates. Plus the prize draw is a car if you are lucky. This is the picture of the car ...
Bolot: Really given a car prize?
Sales: Bener. But the condition, you must be our life insurance customer first ...
Bolot: Muke Gile Lo! I'm not a crazy person, you know?
Sales: Sorry sir, don't be angry first. Life insurance is very beneficial for the family. If you die, your wife's son will receive compensation.
Bolot: You just became more impertinent ... You told me to be a mental hospital patient. Now you swear I died. What do you mean? Belagak wants to help the child here again. Just say you have a crush on this, bro.
Sales: Huh? Damn ...! It turned out that I offered insurance and crazy people!
Bolot: Well, that's just right. My wife is actually a Medan person.
Sales:! @ # $% ^ & * () _ + !! (crying hysterically while ngunyah brochure)


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